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Vimarun service started but VM was not started automatically
Vimarun service is started, VM was configured to start automatically but it's not working AT ALL.

[Image: tDRyciI.png]
Hello angrycustomer,

Thanks for your question.

Can you please email the support bundle to so that I can have a look at why it doesn't want to work?
You can create the support bundle from the help menu (Help -> Create Support Bundle)

Documenting for myself and others who might bump into this.

This is a bit of a weird case as the screenshots above show that everything should be fine.
However, the support bundle was missing all the files (logs/settings/db) from the following paths:
Even while that was correctly set in the registry and those paths were likely not empty (there should have been errors on starting up)

Then I remembered seeing this exact thing from one Vimalin customer and back then an uninstall and reinstall fixed the issue.

This was also what fixed it here.

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