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Failed backups
I have a registered version of vimalin and have had constant issue with backups failing with error:  failed, unable to create the backup snapshot. I am running vmware workstation pro 16.1.2 on windows 11. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling vimalin with no relief from this consistent error. If I start from scritch I can usually get the a successful backup of vm's on the first try but any subsequent  backups always fail. I need this to work and be able to do scheduled backups. I am looking for support on figuring this out so that this purchased software works as advertised. Please let me know if/how to pull and send logs if needed. Thank you


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Failed backups - by gapazz - 2022-02-19, 18:34:34
RE: Failed backups - by wila - 2022-02-19, 18:46:36
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