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Failed backups - gapazz - 2022-02-19

I have a registered version of vimalin and have had constant issue with backups failing with error:  failed, unable to create the backup snapshot. I am running vmware workstation pro 16.1.2 on windows 11. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling vimalin with no relief from this consistent error. If I start from scritch I can usually get the a successful backup of vm's on the first try but any subsequent  backups always fail. I need this to work and be able to do scheduled backups. I am looking for support on figuring this out so that this purchased software works as advertised. Please let me know if/how to pull and send logs if needed. Thank you


RE: Failed backups - wila - 2022-02-19

Hi Gapazz,

Sorry to hear about your trouble.
When you start Vimalin, in the Help menu there's an option "Create Support Bundle". Selecting that, creates a zip file with logs on the desktop. Please attach that zip file to an email that you send to and I will have a look and see if I can figure out what is happening here.


RE: Failed backups - gapazz - 2022-02-28

For anyone who is having backup failures and searching this thread, the solution for me was to change the vimalin service to use my domain login instead of the local pc account (which was the default). Hope this may help someone else.