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Install Not accepting password? Win 11
Installing the latest Setup 2.6.560 as a first time user, the service won't install, , as it returns a Code 1 (incorrect password?), but I can login (as an admin) to the computer with the username password I supply.

Any suggestions what to try?  There's no domain controller.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the somewhat late reply.
I'm depending on the forum to send me email notifications, but this fancy new forum is not reliable on that part yet so I didn't see your post until now.

You are correct about "error 1".
It means that the installer is not able to use the user/password combination when trying to install the service for the backup worker process.
Is the username/password combination that you are using the same as the username/password that you use to login?
Anything special about either of those?
Any non standard characters perhaps? (No need to share details in public)

If needed I can tell you a workaround to install without account, but -for now- I can only tell you that by email as it would complicate my troubleshooting steps with the log bundle if I make that public.
Plus it only gets you past the install, you then still need to change the service to run under your normal user account after the install.

If you want those steps.. send me an email at

Your inbox is full Smile
Quote:Your inbox is full [Image: smile.png]

LOL, oh dear.
Migrated one of my hosting servers over the holidays and some things still bite me. The fresh install of the DirectAdmin hosting panel is not 100% identical to the old installation. Some defaults changed over the 10 years I ran that.
In this case email accounts had limits set, but in the previous server that did not get enforced and thus accounts that had been over the limit now bump into this as it does get enforced by default now.

This has been fixed by upping the limit. Besides that it seems like the auto notifications of the forum now work as well (fingers crossed)

Please try again.
FWIW, for those reading along Martin did manage to get Vimalin installed with the workaround.

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