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The forum has moved

The previous forum over at had started to become less ideal.

We used to run FluxBB for the forum software and while we always had been pretty happy with it, it was not getting any updates anymore. The last official update was in 2019...

Once software connected to the internet takes more than a year to get updates... it's starting to get a bit dubious and we were way past that stage by now. The github repository of FluxBB is also too silent.
So we looked around and found myBB.

Regular updates, great features and best of all, it offered a pretty good migration path from FluxBB.

Besides the update on the forum software we also moved the forums from over to
This should be a better fit over time as we want to offer community support for all products that we sell and not just 1 product.
The vimalin forum was already used for vimarun as well, so switching the domain to the company behind it made more sense than having to maintain multiple forums.

All threads have been migrated, all user accounts have been migrated and for any announcements of the last 2 years redirects have been configured so that the existing links continue to work.


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