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Vimalin 1.0.274 bug fix release
Today we are releasing a bug fix release.

One of our users, Peter Shannon, reported that he had some issues when trying to restore a backup from a virtual machine that was running at the time of backup.
After restoring the VM with Vimalin, Fusion would report an error "File not found: xxxxx.vmsn" on trying to startup the restored virtual machine.
With today's released version you can restore the backups of running virtual machines without the error.

Thanks to Peter Shannon for the report.

The suggested way to update is by downloading and running the new installer.
No need to uninstall the earlier version.

Note that this problem did not happen for backups of virtual machines that had been shut down at the time of backup.

Please also note that ALL of your earlier backups can be restored, but you might need this version of Vimalin if your VM was running at the time of backup.

What had happened?

(technical details, skip if you want)

When the virtual machine runs at the time of backup we take a snapshot so that we can copy out the files safely.
One of the files that gets copied (the .vmsd one) was copied after the snapshot was taken and as a result Fusion expected the snapshot files to be there. Unfortunately we did not copy the snapshot data itself, so you ended up with an error that a file was missing.

This new version has corrected that behavior and will copy the original vmsd from before the backup snapshot. In addition to that it does now also copy the missing snapshot data files.

It will also detect if you have a "broken backup" made with an earlier version of Vimalin and correct the .vmsd file on restore. So your old backups are still functional. You just need at least Vimalin-1.0.274 in order to restore them.

Another thing that has changed:

On restoring backups you can now select if you want your VM to be restored in "running state" or "shut down state".

If you select "running state" your VM will be restored to snapshot state, but show as suspended.
If you select "Shut down state" on restoring, the VM will be restored equivalent to as if the power was pulled from a physical machine.

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