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VM not suspending
I can't understand why Vimarun starts automatically my VMs, but doesn't suspend them when the host reboots.
Any idea?
Host is Windows 10, guests are one Windows 10 and one Linux.
Best regards.
Hi Filippo,

By default Windows will only wait 30 seconds for a task pending when shutting down.
This might be why you are having issues with VM's not suspending. Are none of the VM's suspending or is it one of them?

Can you email me the support bundle?
You can create a support bundle from the help menu and send it by email to
none of them.
By the way, I am evaluating Vimarun also on another machine: it's a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC as Host, with 2 VMs running (one XP and one Windows Server 2003): same problem there.
I forgot to mention that in both cases the hypervisor is VMWare Workstation Pro v.15.5.0

I sent you the support bundles for both hosts.


Thanks I had a look at the logs.

The problem is that at the time of shutdown that the VMware API is not seeing that there are still VM's running.
Vimarun depends on this logic to determine if it should suspend VM's. Since it doesn't see a running VM, it does not try to suspend those VM's and that appears to be what is causing this issue.

I'm puzzled by that as this same VMware API does see the VM's running during startup.
But somehow it isn't working when shutting down.
Let me think for a bit.


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