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Vimalin for Windows 2.6.560 update
Vimalin for Windows 2.6.560 update

You can download the update for Vimalin from:
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

How-to update
First uninstall the old version from the Add/Remove programs or in Windows 10 the Settings -> Apps & Features screen. If you keep defaults you are fine and nothing changes.
Only after the old Vimalin is uninstalled run the installer to update to Vimalin 2.6

Here's the list of changes since version 2.6.542:

  • Support for VMware Workstation 16.2.x and VMware Player 16.2.x

General fixes
  • Backups with VMware Player had a tendency to fail after 3 to 10 times when making a backup of a running VM. Once that happened they would fail until a reboot of the host. This problem also happens on Workstation Pro, but not as fast. This turns out to be a bug with VMware Workstation where a vmsd file gets locked and snapshots can not be taken anymore. We've applied a workaround where we detect this particular scenario and if it happens we resolve the lock and retry the backup. In our testing this resolved all issues for this problem.
  • Fixed an issue with backup of a running VM and restoring that VM in running state. In Workstation 16.2 there are some small changes to the .vmx that caused this process to misbehave. Workstation would report that the .vmx file is corrupted when trying to open the restored VM. This is now fixed.

Start screen
  • Once the 60 days trial are passed, you now get an indicator that shows you that some functionality is disabled and a button for more info. This was added after getting feed back that some users did not even know that some functionality didn't work because the trial version expired.

Backup Archive
  • Context menu option "Add Notes..." now changes the text into "Edit Notes..." once you have added some notes.

Known Issues
  • If you use Windows 11 with vTPM (or normally encrypted) you cannot make backups when the VM is running. See here for more information.

More information about Vimalin is available at the main website:

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