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Experimental vTPM feature and Vimarun
As of VMware Workstation 12.2, a new feature is available for supporting Windows 11 without having to encrypt the VM.
It is called the Experimental vTPM feature (I wrote a more indepth article about it here)

Sadly this experimental feature is not 100% compatible with Vimarun.
If you added the experimental vTPM to a VM then some features of Vimarun no longer work for that VM.
It has no impact on your other VMs.

The reason for this is that the VMware automation programming interface that Vimalin uses thinks the VM is encrypted, but there is no password. As such the automation interface cannot resume or start a VM in the foreground.
I have contacted VMware about these problems and got a reply.
Last night they informed me that "it currently works as designed" and that we will have to wait for this to be resolved at their end.

What does work?

The VM is suspended on shut down as before.
The VM also resumes on start up as long as your VM is set to start in the background.
If your VM was already shut down then the VM will start if set to start in the background.

If you then want to use your VM in the foreground, it shows up as "black" and you will have to suspend & resume manually in order to get access to your VM in the foreground again.

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