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Experimental vTPM feature and Vimalin for Fusion
As of VMware Fusion 12.2, a new feature is available for supporting Windows 11 without having to encrypt the VM.
It is called the Experimental vTPM feature (I wrote a more indepth article about it here)

Sadly this feature is not compatible with Vimalin.
If you added this to a VM then you can no longer make backups of that specific VM with Vimalin while the VM is running.
You can still make backups of that virtual machine with the VM shut down.

The reason for this is that the VMware automation programming interface that Vimalin uses thinks the VM is encrypted, but there is no password.
As such the automation interface cannot make or remove any snapshots while the VM is active.
I have contacted VMware about this.
Last night they informed me that "it currently works as designed" and that we will have to wait for this to be resolved at their end.

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