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Scheduling multiple jobs at the same time
Hi Wila,
I have dabbled in the past with Vimalin, but never really went through.
After a crash (I did have a normal backup in place ;-)), I want to have a daily Vimalin backup of some of my VM.

I am planning to do the backups around 2:00 AM and connected this schedule to 2 jobs for now.

Will Vimalin execute the jobs at the same time or wait for the first one to end ?

That should work.

Backups are always staggered in order to prevent that too much resources are being used.
This is important when VMs are running as you don't want them to be disturbed by backups running in the background.
In other words only one VM is running a backup at a time and the other backup will not start until the first one completes.

edit: as you mentioned "have dabbled with Vimalin in the past", please note that scheduled backups require a valid license after the demo period has run out (60 days).


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