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Vimalin 1.0 now available
The first release of Vimalin now made it to release.

You can download it from the website front page or via the following link:

If you have had the beta installed then there is no need to uninstall the beta, just install the release version on top of the beta.
All of your schedules and backup archive will be as it was in the beta.

The following changes have been made since beta 2.
- Removed the beta expiration date.
- If you install Vimalin then it will now install a 30 day trial license for you automatically
- Added a screen where you can register to change the license of Vimalin into an unlimited version.
- Email was not send on scheduled backups, that is fixed. They are now send on scheduled and on demand backups. The email test button also missed a test for send address that was available in the worker process. That is now corrected.
- The text log on processing a backup contains more details like the time it took to copy a file making it easier to troubleshoot.
- Backup targets screen has had the readonly checkbox moved to a label as that it less confusing. It now also lists the node on which the volume is mounted.
- If autoprotect is enabled then we do not backup as we cannot guarantee that autoprotect did not run a snapshot will the backup job is running. Such a snapshot would destroy the integrity of the backup so instead of trying to backup it does not try to backup and logs this as a failed backup.
- If your VM has a virtual disk outside of the current bundle then no backup will be made and reported as a failed backup.
- The same thing for bootcamp virtual machines, those cannot be backed up as a VM so instead of trying to backup useless meta data pointers it is logged as a failed backup.
- Added the guest OS's "Windows Server 2016" and "VMware Photon 64 bits"
- redesigned about screen.

2016-12-30 edit: updated the link to point to the latest 1.0 release.
2017-02-13 edit: updated the link again so that this post keeps pointing to the latest release.

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