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Vimalin for Fusion 2.6.542 update
Vimalin for Fusion 2.6.542 update

This is an update release that also has a few important bug fixes
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

Please note that the update recommendation is to first uninstall your existing Vimalin application by dragging it to the Trash (or for our English users, drag it to the Bin).
Only after the old Vimalin is uninstalled run the installer to update to Vimalin 2.6.542.

Here's the list of changes since version 2.6.517:

  • Archive log screen that shows activity only for the selected VM.

General fixes
  • Fixed an issue with backup of a running VM on windows and restoring it on macOS. Checkpoint file is not set in the vmx, because the windows path was not stripped from the vmx file as passed in the job details.
  • If the vimalinWorker process was not able to write out metadata to the backup target due to restricted access then the worker process would crash. Now it writes an error to the log.

Start screen
  • Fix "job unscheduled" comes up when starting app because the first element is not actually selected, even while it shows up as selected.

Backup Archive
  • New context menu option "Show Archive Log" that opens up a new screen showing the log details specifically for the selected archive. As it required database changes, this will only show details for archives made with this version and later.
  • Deleting an archive now also deletes the log lines with it as well which helps in making the log much more managable.

Backup Archive Details
  • Escape key now closes this popup

Backup Target
  • Ejected disk targets did not always show up and could disappear after adding a new target.

Backup Archive Log
  • New screen that shows the log details of the selected archive only.

Activity Log
  • Added the ability to sort columns and to search. Improved grid loading performance, but might still be slow if there's a lot of details.
  • Activity column is now split up in individual columns for status, progress and description.

More information about Vimalin is available at the main website:

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