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Vimarun for Windows 1.0.68 update
Vimarun for Windows 1.0.68 update

You can download the update for Vimarun from:
(or use the Vimarun -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

How-to update
Run the installer to update to Vimarun 1.0.68 (close the app if it is running)
If the installer finds an earlier install then it will start the uninstaller on your behalf. After the uninstaller is finished, start the installer again.

Here's the list of changes since version 1.0.59:

  • The installer now tests if username/password combination works and is able to start the service with these credentials. If that is not the case then the installer now no longer completes, instead you'll get a popup that the password was wrong and you'll have to rerun the install.
  • If the installer finds an earlier version of Vimarun it will now automatically start the uninstaller (saving you a search in Add/Remove programs to uninstall from there).

General fixes
  • There was a race condition between the background service starting your scheduled VM's, versus the logic that switches your VM's to the foreground. The result of this was that not all VMs would always come up in the foreground. This has been resolved.
  • Under a rare condition it was possible to trigger a loop of the vm autorun logic, this is no longer the case.
  • If a VM has a lock folder on shutdown, after the VM is no longer running, then the lock folder will be removed as it will prevent the VM from starting. Eg. the dreaded "this vm appears to be in use" error. As we are certain it isn't in use due to the host restarting, we can safely remove the lock files.)
  • If the resume/suspend doesn't work the first time, because we're trying to do this too early, then we now retry up to 5 times before giving up.

VM selection list
  • Pressing "Add VM" if no VM was selected would trigger a runtime error.

More information about Vimarun is available at the main website:

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