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Duration colum not visible.
I have some minor inconvenience when doing a "Backup Now".

On my host I am using an old monitor 17" LCD and it is set to 1024 x 768.
When doing a "Backup Now", Vimalin jumps to "Backup Archive", but the Duration column is not visible.
I have to manually resize the other colums or the windows tp see the backup timer.

If possible, could you fix this minor point of irritation? :-)
Hello again,

Ah yes, I"m well aware about this.

The thing is that resizing wasn't even introduced until September last year. Before that time this was less of a problem as the grid had less info, there was no size column.
Last update got column re-ordering and search added to the backup archive and a few other screens.
These are all basic things and I agree.

Sadly though none of this is part of the framework for the development tool that I'm using for Vimalin.
There's other programming environments which I use where all of this comes free, but alas, not here.
Where I do get cross platform functionality "for free" (not really, but I can use one code base), these kind of features have to be implemented from the ground up.
As a result, they come bit by bit. It is fun to do, but takes time and must work well the moment they are introduced.
So I spent part of my time on improving UI and part on improving the feature set of the backup and restore process plus work flow.

For next update improving the log screen is on the list of things to do (it also needs a search and sort, among other things) and hopefully the update after that can get this annoyance resolved.
It certainly was not forgotten and is pretty high on my wish list to do.

I used to program assembler and Turbo Pascal, when Object Orientated Programming was introduced, I kind of never over came it.
Eversince I have been buying books to learn Delphi, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP and C#. My bookshelf is impressive ;-)

In used to be good with vbscript and WinBatch.
Now I maintain some PHP code and make scripts with AutoIt among other IT work.

Because VmConverter was not working for me anymore, I wrote my own dirty VmConverter in Autoit last year
As you can tell, I am very interested in programming and I am planning to finally take some time to learn C# this year.

Could you tell me what programming tool / framework you are using ?
I am always looking for more knowledge ;-)
Seems we have some similar backgrounds, assembler and Turbo Pascal is what I started out with, in that order.

Nowadays most of my work is done in DataFlex, Javascript, C++ and some C#.
Of course bash scripting etc.. are also commonly used.

The Vimalin project was started around 2013 and I looked around for something that I could easily use for cross platform development.
As a user of both VMware Fusion as well as VMware Workstation, I decided that it had to support both OSX and Windows.
I considered C++, but the toolkits for nice cross platform frameworks where a bit daunting.
Objective C and Xcode was attractive, but it would mean having to write from scratch for a windows port and having to maintain 2 code bases if I ever wanted to make Vimalin cross platform.

I also remembered my Delphi background so took a look there. A framework called Firemonkey (FMX) was fairly new and I could get it to work on OSX.
So that's the path I ended up choosing.
It would not be my decision now, but once you have an existing code base that works well.. it's not that easy to change.
Right now, I'd say that if you want to use pascal then go for freepascal. Right now it is too big of a refactor for me to switch. I looked into that when I was looking for a Linux port, something I started, but had to postpone. It is similar to VCL, but very different from FMX.

Of course nowadays there's considerable more choice for cross platform development.
You can use .net on macOS, there's rust and there's go.
You can even use Swift for cross platform development.

If you're a javascript developer you can go for something like electron.
A lot more possibilities and several more mature alternatives than at that time.


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