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No backup on failure

I've a little problem with the backup routine. I've configured the vimalin to keep only one copy of the backup, because it's fine to me only having another copy of the VMs on another server. But if a backup fails because it can't copy all files, the previous healthy copy is getting deleted too, so I don't have a copy. Is it possible to add a configuration switch to delete previous copies only on success?

Kind regards,
Hello Michael,

That's an interesting suggestion and you make a good point.
Right now the rollover logic that deletes the old backup copy is run before the actual backup.
The reason for that is because then it makes extra space available for the new copy at the backup target.
If I change that logic for everyone, then I will get complaints from people who count on it to work that way.

It could however become an option. There's other configuration options in Vimalin that I need to expose to users as well.
This will not make it to the next version as I plan to do a new release this week (maybe even today)

GerbrachtIT Wrote:But if a backup fails because it can't copy all files
The next release has a fix for some of the "can't copy all files" cases.
Can you email me a support bundle so I can see if my fix includes your case as well?

A support bundle can be created via the help menu -> Create Support Bundle.


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