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Backups often fail
Update: with any luck I'll add a screen cap of the detailed log file.

Looking for suggestions. Out of the last 15 backup attempts, 11 failed. Setup is Macbook running OS X 10.15.7 Catalina. Backing up to a QNAP NAS through a gigabit ethernet switch. One possibility: my lovely wife's iMac backs up to the QNAP using TimeMachine. No, I didn't point Vimalin at the TimeMachine partition. Is it possible that there are collisions between Vimalin and TimeMachine?

Please be gentle with me. I love this product but am still something of a rookie with Fusion and its intricacies.

Tony Lima

[Image: test.png]
Just a dumb economist fumbling his way through technology. Also appreciate wine.

That certainly is not the way it should be.
Can you email me your support bundle please?

You can create a support bundle from the help menu.
Email it to and I will have a look to see if we can figure out what is happening here.


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