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After starting Black screen inside Vmware.
Hi All
the software VIMARUN install and run, but all automatically started VM's after autimatically started remain with a complete black screen (either in Vmware workstation 16.0 16.1 and also 15.x)
I tried on several windows version (win10, windows 2019 server, Windows 2016 etc.) and different hardwares.
All the same behaviour: when the VM starts, they are in black (even if their internal processes work)

Any suggestion?

Thanks for your report.
There's currently an open issue reported by Ande -the other post in this sub forum- with a similar issue and while I have identified the reason for that, I have not yet had a chance to address the issue (probably later this week, once I get a chance)

Can you email me the support bundle please so that I can verify that it is the same issue?
You can create a support bundle from the help menu. Send it by email to and I will take a look at it.

ok. I'll send you the bundle as betatester!
It has not a matter of urgency because tlternatively the command vmrun start adn vmrun stop (giu and no gui) still continue to work very well...
But your investigation on black screen is appreciated
I had this problem. I resolved my issue by running Vimalin as Admin first, then adding systems I wanted to run in foreground.

Rebooted, and worked perfectly. Good luck!
I have the same problem in Windows 11 with VM running Debian. Is there a workaround to solve that issue?

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