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Somethings bugging me ;-)
Hi Willa,
I noticed when starting Vimalin for Windows, Vimalin states: "Next Backup: unscheduled", only when I click on a "active backup", the "Next Backup" showed.
Could you change it to show the next backup (from the schedule list) without me having to click on any "active backup" ?

I recently went to File >> Check for Updates and was asked to download the latest version of Vimalin. Upon selecting YES, I expected the Vimalin, to automatically download the newesy version and at start the new setup.....

But no problem, I started the setup manually and was greeted with the message "Vimalin is already installed. You will have to ininstall Vimalin, before...".
Would you consider to build in a function, to unintall the old Vimalin "automatically", before installing the update ?

Also I accidentally did input the wrong password for the Vimalin service, and afterwards the Vimalin services did not start anymore, duh! ;-)
Would you consider testing the user's input (username/password) before continuing with te Vimalin Service installation ?
(I have done this in the past by doing an RunAs and check if that it executed without errors)

Ik heb het weer allemaal van mij af geschreven .... ;-) groetjes Martijn.
Hi Martijn,

I like to make the upgrade process smoother, but for the moment it hasn't made the priority list yet.
However I completely agree with you on all points and already have tickets open for each of your remarks.

Added the runas tip to the invalid credentials ticket.
Not sure if the NSIS installer has an easy way for that, but it should be doable anyways.

Hi Wila, I did it again ;-)
I just installed the newest Vimalin Backup and typed an old password without realizing it.

When I tried to do a (manual) backup, it didn't work.
I already started uninstalling Vimalin to install an older version, to see if it was a version depended problem and then suddenly realized I typed the wrong password during the install.

I understand it may not be possible to verify the username and password with NSIS, but could you at least check within Vimalin if the service is running and warn the user if it is not?

TIA, Martijn.

I have made some changes for this in the latest installer, but haven't tested it yet.

The opening screen of Vimalin should show a warning at the bottom if the service isn't installed properly.
Obviously, the better solution is to handle this at installer level.

Yes, you are right, handling this at the installer level, would it be the preferred way to handle this,
however until that solution is in place wouldn't be better to give the user a clear warning(pop-up) with some text like:

The Vimalin services is not running rightnow!

Without this service Vimalin won't work.
If you have typed a wrong username/password during installation,
please uninstall and install Vimalin again with the righ password.

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