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Backup of Linked Clone
I'd like to know if backup of running Linked Clone is also supported ?
I can easily understand that the main VM also need to be backup for restore process to work correctly.
Main VM is always off, just Linked Clone are running.
Hi CrazyPush,

Sorry busy day.

Yes, this is supported.
When you try to backup a linked clone then the following message appears:
"The selected VM "Linked Clone of Windows 10 x64" is a Linked Clone.
This means that you must also backup the parent VM separately!"

Also note that on restoring the linked clone from the backup that it is your task to get the folder names of the parent VM back to the original name and have to remove the " - backup 2020-07-10" tag. (where 2020-07-10 will be the date) in the case that you also have to restore the parent VM as well.


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