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Disk in Bundle
Vimalin-Backup failed MYHostXYZ VM has a disk outside of the current bundle, unable to backup.

just tried to backup a vm and got the above message. Any one have any ideas ?

The vm came as a VHD and was converted to VMware via Star wind v2v converter.
The vm itself runs fine in Workstation 15. Just can't back it up.

Can you please send me an email to support @ with the following:

- the support bundle (you can create it via the help menu -> create Support bundle)
- the vmx file from your VM as found in the VM's folder.

I will have a look at it then to see what can be done.

Forgot to post the solution...

Tim had actually followed up with me on this one and eventually it turned out that the virtual disk of the VM was not located within the folder of the VM.
After he had moved the virtual disk into the VM folder, then removed from Vimalin and added it back, Vimalin did work as expected without generating an error message.

This is what the error was trying to say, except that the error message only makes sense for VMware Fusion users, not so much for Workstation users.
The error message has been improved in the next update to be more clear.


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