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backing up a VM with several drives
So I have a vm set up with the virtual disks on three separate NVME drives one hosts C, and the other two host shared files. When I add that VM to the back up task list it only adds the primary disk and not the other two. Is there a way to get them all to backup?

Hello Sandow,

If I am understanding your question correctly then your VM has 3 virtual disks and those 3 virtual disks are spread out over 3 physical disks?
I can see why you would want to do such a thing.

Unfortunately it is a very uncommon thing to do, and as it meant additional complications for restoring a backup, it isn't a VM configuration that has made it into the product so far.
While there might be a hack with dummy VMs in order to backup the other disks as well I cannot really recommend going down that path. It would make a non standard config into something more obscure where VMware Workstation itself might cause trouble. (Sharing disks between VMs can cause all kinds of serious trouble)

Sorry to say that -for this particular configuration- I do not know of a proper workaround at this moment in time.

Yeah, I didn't expect it to be a common configuration but thought I'd ask. I was running things on 1 TB nvme since they are cheaper per capacity then larger ones and I have plenty of pcie slots. I think buying some larger nvme is probably the easiest solution in this case though.


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