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Backup Job will not start.
I have a problem.
I have Windows 10 Host + VMWare Workstation 15.1.0

I have a Backup Job. When I press "backup Now", a windows ask me "Are you sure, etc? With the source path, and the destination path.

I press Yes, then the windows changes to "Backup Archive", but that windows is empty.

There is no "copying progress window", nor error, nothing.

I can see that one folder is created at:


But it's also empty.

And activity log it's also empty.


This has been reported before (not at the forum) by a few other users as well.

It turns out that sometimes after install the vimalinWorker is installed and running, but because it does not yet have the database installed, instead of closing down gracefully after waiting for a few seconds and respawning it gets stuck. This does not always happen (I have not yet been able to reproduce), but when it happens it _is_ confusing.

There are two ways to get it unstuck.
• Kill the vimalinWorker process in windows Task Manager (it should start a new one automatically, as long as you don’t kill any of the other vimalin related processes)
• Restart your host

I do hope that you have not clicked many times for the backup to start as ALL those jobs are remembered and will run once the vimalinWorker works as normal.
If you did try many times then it might be best to uninstall -with remove database option- and re-install again.

Hope this helps,

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