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Unable to find any registered virtual machines
I have VMware® Workstation 15 Player, version: 15.1.0 build-13591040 installed.

When I open Vimalin, I get pop-up saying: "Unable to find any registered virtual machines. Please make sure Vmware Workstation is installed and has virtual machines registered in the library to backup before running this program. Application will now stop."

I have one virtual machine - macOS.

I have tried the obvious - stopping the VM, restarting windows, doing google search for the problem. Nothing has helped.

Could it be a problem with paths to my virtual machine files? Any other suggestions?


Sorry to say, but the reason for the error that you are getting is that Vimalin only works with VMware Workstation Professional, not with VMware Workstation Player.

VMware Workstation Player does not come with the features required for Vimalin being able to function.
Such as being able to make automated snapshots and commit those.
I see, that's a shame.

Thanks for your response though Smile
Just FYI.

Starting with VMware Player 16.0 and Vimalin 2.5.481 (currently latest version) you can use Vimalin with VMware Player.

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