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Vimalin for Fusion 2.5.425 update
Vimalin for Fusion 2.5.425 update

Here's the FREE update to Vimalin that adds support for macOS Catalina
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

Please note that the update recommendation is to first uninstall your existing Vimalin application by dragging it to the Trash (or for our English users, drag it to the Bin).
Only after the old Vimalin is uninstalled run the installer to update to Vimalin 2.5

Here's the list of changes since version 2.0.329:

Support for macOS Catalina
This means that Vimalin is now 64 bits and that the applications has been notarized.
We had to make a few more changes for everything to start working though.
In order to be able to support Catalina we had to move the worker process from the Library Application Support folder to the same bundle as Vimalin. This means that it is much simpler for the user to get the security popup configuration correct.
For Catalina (and current Mojave) we now require the Full Disk Access (FDA) entitlement.
For backup software to work well anything more fine grained as FDA is just triggering too much support issues.

General changes
  • Support for VMware Fusion 11.5
  • Feature wise this brings Vimalin For Fusion on par with Vimalin for Windows
  • If you run a backup or restore then Vimalin will now first run a free disk space check before it starts copying files.
  • The job scheduler had a bug where under certain conditions it could get stuck.

Added new guest OS support for:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8,
  • Oracle Linux 8,
  • Linux Kernel 5.x,
  • FreeBSD12,
  • Debian 10,
  • macOS Catalina

Backup Target:
  • Now has a reload button so you can detect VMs backed up by other hosts on your network.

Backup Jobs:
  • Running a backup when backup target isn't connected now warns you that the disk is not connected.

  • For the year schedule it would not record any date change.
  • For a year schedule it would not always display the next date it runs (it would still run, but it is nice to see that).

More information about Vimalin is available at the main website:

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