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Known issues beta 1
The following issues only affect the user interface, not the actual backup/restore process.

1. Time machine file system from a time capsule is not identified and reported as unknown file system.

2. On retina screens the toolbar does not look as designed, it needs a high DPI fix.

3. The about box does not position itself correctly on a multi display screen.

4. The "Add disk target" screen is confusing for some users. It might be better to move the button to add/remove a disk target to bottom right. In addition the rectangle that displays how full the disk is probably needs some extra hints on what it is displaying.

5. The progress bar does not work correctly when restoring a backup. This does not affect the actual restore, but it does make it more difficult to see when the restore is done.

6. If you have one or more encrypted VM's in your library and the VM is still locked, then Vimalin will throw an error "unknown vmlist type: locked"

7. Trying to install using a user that is not in the sudoers list will as a result prevent you from installing Vimalin.

2016-11-05 added issues 6) and 7)
Unless reported otherwise all of the issues reported above are fixed.

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