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Win10 Work Station PRO 15 Not work backup
Hi Dear, im have
Win 10 pro last version
VmWare WorkStation PRO 15 - 15.0.3 build-12422535
15.0.3 build-12422535
User name/password = my Windows user name.
Autosafe (auto snap shot) in Virtual PC = off

When I backup data, I get an error. - Field it already has a backup snapshot.

im not see your mail to sent, not possible add link to support bundle

Please Dear help my. I get buy your product as soon as I get the creation backup.

Many Thenks!!!!

For support, the email address to use is

For the record, AFAIK the error 'Failed it already has a backup snapshot' only happens if a previous backup got interrupted.
You can fix that by going into VMware Workstation Pro, select your VM, right click, select Snapshot -> Snapshot Manager from the popup menu.
In the Snapshot Manager there's a snapshot called 'Vimalin temporary snapshot', select it, click the Delete Button.
Once that temporary snapshot is deleted, the backup process should work again.

I still like to see the support bundle though, just in case that something happened that is under Vimalin's control.
Hello your recommendations helped me. But the problem remains open. After removing the snapshot, stable work lasts only 2 days, on day 3 I need to delete the snap shot again. I sent the data to your mail, I hope you can help me.

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