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Vimalin for Windows 2.0.404 update
Here's the list of changes since version 2.0.398:

[h] Fixes [/h]
  • Running backups for a VMware Workstation 10.x VM could cause issues with Vimalin trying to backup a .vmx~ lock file.
  • If a VM has a .nvram file that does not have a proper filename, but only "nvram" as full filename then it wasn't detected as a .nvram file. While that did not break your backup, it would not be able to create a correct md5 hash of that file. This is fixed.

[h] New Features[/h]
  • A user requested to be able to disable the md5 hashing mechanism that is used to guarantee the integrity of your backup. While not recommended by us, you can now disable that feature by editing a configuration file. The details are in the following forum post: CertUtil Slow? Backing up large VM slow.

[h] Download [/h]

Go to the Download page to get this version.

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