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[VFP] What is the AntView equivalent to OleClass = "Shell.Explorer.2" .?
In VFP, I have some forms that are generated via code... they have statements like this:

Define Class MyForm As Form
Add Object oleIE As OleControl With ;
TOP = 48, Left = 12, Height = 500, Width = 600, ;
NAME = "oleIE", OleClass = "Shell.Explorer.2"

If I substitute "Shell.Explorer.2" with "AntViewAx.Antview", I get "OLE error code 0x80020006: Unknown name."

What is the OLEClass equivalent with AntView for statements like this?


When using the CreateObject alternative we get similar errors when trying to set Top, Left, Width or Height.
If you remove those lines, then perhaps the error is also gone on your end as well.
Obviously you still need a way to set those properties.

We are investigating.

I am still looking a bit more into some problems but I found that issuing SYS(2333,1) anywhere before navigating with AntView is the culprit:

"SYS(2333) allows Visual FoxPro to take advantage of ActiveX controls that support VTable binding, an interface that can speed processing. Unfortunately, many controls fail when this interface is enabled."

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