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Missed backup time question
Hi Wil,
I have someone who sold their company, but kept their server for tax purposes (you need to save administration for 5 years).
To save energie, this customer shutdown their host computer when the virtual server is not needed.

I would like to install Vimalin and backup the VMs once a week.
Will Vimalin backup the VMs if the backup time has passed and the host was off ?
Is there a way to let Vimalin backup a missed backup when the host finally is turned on again ?
Hi Martijn,

Yes, the missed backup will still run.

There is even some additional logic for not immediately starting the backup during the boot process.

This works as follows.
If the backup window that was missed is over 3 hours and the machine is up for less than 7 minutes than it will postpone any backup by 90 seconds. So that the host can proceed and finish most of the booting process first.

One side note is that if the backup job is over 31 days old, then it will be removed from the queue automatically and not run.
Couldl you tell me what will happen if e.g. 3 backups were missed.
Would Vimalin execute all 3 backups or just do the last one and notify me about the other 2?

The scheduler schedules 1 backup at a time.

The following is what I would expect to happen. 

Assume you setup a schedule a backup to run every week.
The scheduler schedules the next backup for your VM which is going to run in the next few days.
Now you turn off the computer for 3 weeks.
After those 3 weeks you turn the computer back on.
The missed backup, which was scheduled 3 weeks ago, will run and the scheduler will schedule a backup for the next time.

The two backups that would have been scheduled if the computer had been running, have never been scheduled.
As they didn't get scheduled, there is no missed backup. 
Those backups would have been the same anyways if the VM had never been running in that time.


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