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VMX missing
Hi Wil,
Had to restore some Vimalin backups last weekend and noticed on
one of the restores, the .vmx was missing.
It was also missing within the Vimalin target folder.

Luckily I was able to copy the .vmx from the corrupted VM.

Do you have any thoughts on this?
Am I using an old Vimalin or one with a bug ?

Vimalin does not copy the .vmx file as .vmx, but as .vml.
See also:
under "Why can I not open a backup directly".

Still hard to say what happened here based on your post.
I take it you followed the steps for restoring the backup as is described here:

If you want me to take a look at it, then please email me your support bundle and

FWIW, there is no known bug where the .vmx file would not be restored.
You are right about the .VML file.
My restore has the suffix "- backup yyyy-mm-dd" attached so I did restore it via Vimalin.
Might be I am seeing things because I didn't sleep for more than 24 hoursĀ  Big Grin

Right now the host does not have enough diskspace, but I am gonna add some storage and restore the same VM again.
I will let you know the results....

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