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Edgebrowser resize issue
first great job on the product.
you guys doing what Microsoft access team cannot do.
i am trying this product in access and would like to use it instead of the edgebrowser component.
have a question on the resizing.
as i understand the following take place.
1. Form resize.
2.Antview resize
3. the edge browser inside antview resize.
i try all of the following and it does not work:
i access we have two modes for a form
1. tab mode - full screen - always
2. popup form - resizeable
i try all of them and the edgeview does not properly resize.
i try different events including the FormResize.

The Antview control we resize properly when usingĀ  antview.AutoSize however the edge browser will not.
can you please help
Thank you

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By using Form_Resize it seems to behave correctly, but I'm not an Access developer, so I might not completely understand the issue.

Please see the attached zip where I made a small example with the above website.
You probably have to unblock it in order to be able to run it.


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