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Vimalin 1.0.298 release
Our new release is available at:
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option that was introduced in version 1.0.287)

This release contains the following new features:
- You can now import backups. This means that you can import your previously made backups after a clean install of macOS and a fresh install of Vimalin. Another usage scenario of this would be to import virtual machines by another machine that also makes backups via Vimalin.
- Add a hint to the backup job screen if the user selects a VM, but no schedule has been setup yet.
- Most screens now have a help button that opens a help page on the vimalin site
- Increase worker alive time from 70 seconds to 15 minutes.
- Menu option "Support Forum" under Help

This release contains the following fixes:
- vimalinWorker would crash if it did not pass the database open tests
- removing a mountpoint from the database that was set as default backup target will now also remove the default backup target setting.

Here's a small walkthrough on the new import backup feature:

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