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Vimalin for Fusion 2.6.599 update
Vimalin for Fusion 2.6.599 update

This is an update release that has a bug fix for macOS Sonoma
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

Please note that the update recommendation is to first uninstall your existing Vimalin application by dragging it to the Trash (or for our English users, drag it to the Bin).
Only after the old Vimalin is uninstalled run the installer to update to Vimalin 2.6.599.
You can only do that if you didn't already update to Sonoma. If you did update then just run the installer, it should take care of the old install anyways.

Here's the list of changes since version 2.6.587:

General fixes
  • There's a new preferences panel. For now it only has a button to clean up the database. What this does is remove backup entries from the sqlite database that have been removed and are no longer relevant, followed by a shrink. It makes support bundles a lot smaller if you run this before creating a support bundle.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the vimalinWorker process to hang under certain circumstances.

Known Issues
  • If you use Windows 11 with vTPM (or normally encrypted) you cannot make backups when the VM is running. See here for more information.
  • No official Apple Silicon support, although it appears to work fine.

More information about Vimalin is available at the main website:

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