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Vimalin 2.0.327 release
Hot on the heels of the 2.0 release is a new update that addresses some inconveniences in the user interface plus adds some new features.
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option)

Here's the list of changes since version 2.0.320:

Added new guest OS support for:
  • CentOS6/7,
  • Oracle Linux 6/7,
  • Linux Kernel 4.x,
  • FreeBSD11,
  • ESXi6.5,
  • macOS Mojave,
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

VM Selection dialog:
  • now display separate icons for centOS, ubuntu and PhotonOS instead of the general Linux icon.

Backup Target:
  • File System NFS was not recognized in the "Add Targets" screen as such and was reported as undefined.

Backup Archive:
  • Add notes screen did not always popup at the correct location on the screen.
  • Show In Finder did not handle Volumes with a space in the name correctly.
  • Fix issue with status column not changing without a refresh after process is done.
  • Changed the progressbar during the compress process to keep on moving even after we're past "100%". The reason being that the zip process returns incorrect progress data and while the current workaround is not ideal at least it shows you that it is still busy when working.
  • Display "Calculating md5sum file <filename>" while doing so during a backup.

Backup Jobs:
  • Don't show <filename.vmx> in the VM list, it does not add value.
  • The hint to click on the "+" button if no jobs had been selected yet was invisible in dark mode.

Email notification:
  • If you try to run a backup without having a backup target set then the disk size in the email report was not initialized properly. The Failed backup report should report 0 bytes in size for the backup target it reported huge TB big sizes.

  • Kill old running vimalinWorker process during install so that it won't run for 15 minutes with the old worker process.

More information about Vimalin is available at the main website:

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