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Recommendation: HTML Editor?
Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for recommendations to host an HTML editor within the AntView control, in order to provide application users some comfort to edit HTML based notes or memos. The standard answer might probably be to use CKEditor however I'm curious about other approaches and whether some of you already have experience running an HTML editor in AntView.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.
Thanks in advance and best regards, Jochen

"The only frontiers are in your mind."
Hi Jochen,

There are a number of options here.

You already named CKEditor.
Another one that I've used in the past with success is TinyMCE.
Those two I'd say are the legacy options. (In javascript anything that is older than 5 years is legacy no? Big Grin )

I also know of people that use Froala and for a customer I've done consulting for in the past I've extended functionality for that one.

Yet another option is the Quill editor. Haven't used that one myself at all, but it is used for the feature you talk about.

Finally the SyncFusion library has a Rich Text Editor control.
I've done a lot of work with SyncFusion and they are my go-to library nowadays for just about any control that we need in javascript.
Haven't yet used their RTE control, but we have a need for it for a customer project probably somewhere next month.

Hi Wil,

Thanks for the additional product references. Very interesting and all new to me except SyncFusion (which feels too heavy and unrelated to AntView).
One of the constraints I have to deal with is that our desktop application is supposed to share the same look & feel as with some of our web applications. Hence I was looking to kill two flies with one stone.

I'll give Froala and Quill a check these days, and see what the other devs on the team think about it. Right now, the tendencies are leaning towards classic CKEditor 4. Anyways, upgrading or swapping some HTML code, JS and CSS files isn't a big deal at a later stage.

Thanks again for the feedback and valuable input.
Thanks in advance and best regards, Jochen

"The only frontiers are in your mind."

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