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Vimalin 1.0.289 release
Our new release is available at:
(or use the Vimalin -> "Check for Updates" menu option that was introduced in version 1.0.287)

This release contains a few user interface fixes.
- Navigating the Backup Archive while a backup was in progress and selecting the backup that was in progress would display a message "An unknown error occurred...". The reason for this is that Vimalin validates the backup that you select. As the backup is not yet finished, it should not try to validate either. A similar issue happened if you deleted the backup and then select it. Both issues of these issues are resolved.
- Another glitch in the Backup Archive form was that if you clicked on the delete or restore button immediately after a new backup was finished, the selected backup archive would be the previously selected one instead of the selected archive. You had to change rows in order to work around that, or close the form and come back to it.
This is fixed as well, the selected row in the grid for the archive is the one that the buttons act upon - as expected.
- The registration screen would clear when the focus moves away and then back in. This was especially annoying when trying to copy and paste the registration details from your license. This is also addressed.

None of these fixes have an impact on the actual backup process.
Any backups made with earlier versions will be just fine.

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