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restore permissions
(2022-08-18, 08:41:13)wila Wrote: Hi,

That's peculiar.
Can you try the following.
With VMware Fusion closed.

Right click on the VM -> Get Info -> set file permissions for your user name to "read/write".
If already on "read/write" then change it to something else, close the panel, open it again and change it back to "read/write".
Do you still have the same issue?

Nevertheless I still want to see the following two things from you.
1) the support bundle from Vimalin. You can create that from the help menu -> option "Create Support bundle"
2) all the vmware.log files in the VM's bundle (right click -> Show Package contents), grab all the vmware.log files.
Compress the log files and then send them along with the support bundle by email to


With Fusion closed I changed the .vmwarevm bundle permission to read only. Applied the change, closed the dialog, and then changed it back to read/write. This did not change the outcome, starting the guest still raises the same Fusion error about the file permissions.

The support and log files are on the way to the email address you supplied. Please advise if you see something else to try.

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