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Error: Interface not supported -2147418113
I have send a private build to test via email.

edit: For others reading this.
In the next release of the control the change needed in the code above looks like this
Private Sub EdgeWebBrowser_OnExecuteScript(ByVal HResult As Long, ByVal JsonObject As String)
  Dim Json As String

  ' Use the Document json decode function to make the result more readable
  Document.BrowserDispatch (EdgeWebBrowser.IDispatchPointer)
  Json = Document.DecodeJsonObjectString(JsonObject)
  If Json <> "" Then
    MsgBox Json
  End If
End Sub

IOW, the line that starts with Document.CurrentBrowser is replaced with the line starting with Document.BrowserDispatch

Edit2: Originally the property exposing the IDispatch pointer was named "Dispatch" but there was a name clash when using Delphi, so the new property name eventually is IDispatchPointer.


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