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Error: Interface not supported -2147418113
Hello again,

Sadly I had no time to look into this yesterday as I had another VB6 issue to chase down, butĀ this morning I did manage to find a workaround for your problem.

Whereas it works OK in VBA, it seems like that VB6 does not get the dispatch pointer of the object. Even if you had the dispatch pointer of the object, it does not let you assign that to the CurrentBrowser property which takes the specified interface dispatch pointer.

The workaround I have is twofold.
First, a function has been added to the browser control to expose the dispatch pointer.
Secondly, a new method was created for the document interface so that you can connect the AntView Browser object via that dispatch pointer.
With that, it all seems to work OK in Visual Basic as well.

I will have a test version for you this evening or tomorrow as this afternoon I'm having some time away from the computerĀ  Big Grin

Hope this helps,

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