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Error: Interface not supported -2147418113
Hi there. I am currently trialing the control for use within my vb6 application.
Everything is working as it should but I am not able to bind Document.CurrentBrowser = EdgeWebBrowser

My code that I am using is below:

Quote:Private WithEvents Document As AntViewAx.AntViewDocument

Private Sub Form_Load()

Set Document = CreateObject("AntViewAx.AntViewDocument")
EdgeWebBrowser.Navigate "https://leadvault.local/full-player.html"

End Sub

Private Sub MapLocalFolderToHostName()

  Dim Path As String
  Dim HostName As String
  Path = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AntView\Examples\VB\html2"
  HostName = "leadvault.local"
  EdgeWebBrowser.SetVirtualHostNameToFolderMapping HostName, Path, hrakAllow
  EdgeWebBrowser.UserDataFolder = Path

End Sub

Private Sub EdgeWebBrowser_OnExecuteScript(ByVal HResult As Long, ByVal JsonObject As String)
  Dim Json As String
  ' Use the Document json decode function to make the result more readable
  Document.CurrentBrowser = EdgeWebBrowser
  Json = Document.DecodeJsonObjectString(JsonObject)
  If Json <> "" Then
    MsgBox Json
  End If
End Sub

If anyone could help, that would be great

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Error: Interface not supported -2147418113 - by maddire - 2022-04-11, 12:51:23

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