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Downloading Files
I've been looking for a control to replace the Microsoft IE-based control. I like what I see here, but I have a question about file downloads. It appears that when you click a link to download a file, it always downloads to the Windows Downloads folder. There is not even any prompt to let the user select something else. My need requires either a way to force downloads to go to a specific folder, or at least to let the user pick and hopefully remember what they picked so it uses that folder by default next time. I do not see any properties available to change these things. Am I missing something?

I found this link, which makes me think it is possible to do this:

Also, how would you use properties of the control like Settings from VB6? They just throw an Object Required error. Was just curious if that would have any download related properties behind it.

Hello MxMaster926,

Thanks, we like the control too Smile

re. your questions.

The download event handling that you correctly point out is indeed missing at the moment.
There's a lot of functionality exposed in WebView2. The WebView2 control as provided by Microsoft isn't exactly a fixed target.
Microsoft adds new functionality every few weeks. We started out with what we needed for our own customers and have been building out the control over time. Not everything is there yet.

The priority on what we are adding is in part based on demand. As such telling us what you think is important to have helps a lot.
I will look into adding the DownloadStarting event for the next revision and give you access to an internal version before release.
Probably somewhere later this week.

The Settings property is of type IUnknown and is basically this class interface:
Almost all of the properties you can set via that interface have already been exposed in the AntView control.

Awesome, thank you!

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