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Initial navigation failing
Hi there!

I'm using AntView with OpenDCL.  It inserts fine, and everything there checks out, looks to certainly be a nearly drop-in replacement for the legacy web browser control.
But with the MSIE control, I fire a Navigate2 method with my desired URL.
With AntView, I fire a Navigate method, but I'm getting "invalid data type or data overflow: NAVIGATE"

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any assistance.  This is looking very promising!



As long as the language supports ActiveX controls then normally it should work.
AntView has been proven to work in most commonly used programming environments such as Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro, DataFlex, Excel, Access.. etc.. but also in more esoteric areas such as an internal industrial environment.
So at least in theory it should work.

I just searched for OpenDCL and bumped into this:

If needed then I can try that, but I would need to know which version to try and also need a small reproducable example that I could try.
Preferably with some explanation on how-to get going as OpenDCL is new to me.
As it is, I have no experience with LISP, but I at least have the possibility to run things under a debugger which might help in seeing what is happening.

re. your error, it sounds like the URL is passed in an unexpected string format.
Normally the string would be of type BSTR ( )
which is the common format for strings when using ActiveX controls and is AFAICT also used by the MSIE control.

In case it helps, it is possible to provide an .idl file for the latest version of the control.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Luckily, it wasn't the URL parameter, it was the Method parameter. If I had two brain cells functioning yesterday I would have noticed, the error message was absolutely correct.

My incorrect way of calling:
(dcl-AxControl-Invoke project/form/antview1 'Navigate "")

Correct method of calling:
(dcl-AxControl-Invoke project/form/antview1 "Navigate" "")

So, duh, obviously, yes, it was the method name.

It's working amazingly, and is such a simple install. Really incredible work, thank you so much.



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