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Somethings bugging me ;-)
Hi Willa,
I noticed when starting Vimalin for Windows, Vimalin states: "Next Backup: unscheduled", only when I click on a "active backup", the "Next Backup" showed.
Could you change it to show the next backup (from the schedule list) without me having to click on any "active backup" ?

I recently went to File >> Check for Updates and was asked to download the latest version of Vimalin. Upon selecting YES, I expected the Vimalin, to automatically download the newesy version and at start the new setup.....

But no problem, I started the setup manually and was greeted with the message "Vimalin is already installed. You will have to ininstall Vimalin, before...".
Would you consider to build in a function, to unintall the old Vimalin "automatically", before installing the update ?

Also I accidentally did input the wrong password for the Vimalin service, and afterwards the Vimalin services did not start anymore, duh! ;-)
Would you consider testing the user's input (username/password) before continuing with te Vimalin Service installation ?
(I have done this in the past by doing an RunAs and check if that it executed without errors)

Ik heb het weer allemaal van mij af geschreven .... ;-) groetjes Martijn.

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