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Some questions about Vimalin
Hi Wil,
Today I was made aware of your program and I made a mental note for the future.
Because I don't have a test computer to test your program right now, I wanted to ask some "pre-use" questions...

1. I have a VM running on Workstation 15 (size: about 300GB.)
Do I have to have e.g. another 300GB as temporary space for the backup to take place?

2. When I use a networkpath as a target, will it be (temporarily) accessable by other programs on my computer?
(This to determine if my target would be vulnerable for ransomware while the backup is running)

3. I primary use Gmail/G-Suite for e-mail. Recently Google announced that legacy authentication
won't be supported in 2020.
Apps have to use "Sign in with Google" to get permission to use the Gmail account.
Are you planning to implement the new Google directive?
(P.s. just for sending e-mail I probably could use because it's less restrictive ;-) )

Best regards, Martijn.

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