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Vimalin stopped working after upgrading to Sonoma
A user today reminded me that some things have changed on Sonoma.
He upgraded and somewhere along the way Vimalin stopped working and taking backups.

One of those things that changed is that apple shows you details about processes running in the background.
By default processes that ran in the background on earlier macOS versions, continue to do so, but when apple asks you if you want to continue running processes in the background, it doesn't mention the application, instead it mentions whatever is on the certificate that the application was signed with.
This is a bit confusing as macOS asks you somewhere if you want to allow a guy named “Wil van Antwerpen” to run things in the background.
Not weird to say “No thanks” as who knows what that fellow is up to...

It would have been much better if macOS would have said can “Vimalin” run in the background, as that’s much more clear. Sadly there is no way for me to change that (it is the choice of apple to use the name of the developer instead of product name, only big companies can get it for their product name, not a small shop)

To verify that the vimalinWorker process can run in the background please follow these steps:

In the apple menu go to -> System Settings -> General -> Login Items
see screenshot:

It should have the item "Wil van Antwerpen" enabled or else Vimalin will not work.

Hope this helps

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Vimalin stopped working after upgrading to Sonoma - by wila - 2023-11-02, 21:02:33

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