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Disk outside current bundle, any work around?

OK, I have a workaround for this in the next version. I will send you a link by email to test.

In order to be able to make a backup with a virtual disk outside of the bundle you have to tell Vimalin to disable that specific check.

This can be done by adding a configuration option in the vimalin.ini file.
This file can be found at ~/Library/Application Support/Vimalin/vimalin.ini and can be added with a plain text editor.
Preferably with the Vimalin program itself not running.

The option to add in the base section is check.localdisk and you set it to false (or off)
Like so:

Once that setting is added you either have to wait until vimalinWorker refreshes itself (which is every 15 minutes) or you kill vimalinWorker from the Activity monitor so that it will read the new settings immediately.

After that... you can make a backup of a VM where a disk is outside of the bundle.

Beware that it WILL NOT include any disk(s) outside of the bundle in your backup, so you have to make a separate backup of that disk if you need it to be backed up.


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