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Feature request: Check consistency before backup

Thank you.

We're already keeping MD5 hashes of each file.
It's an important part of Vimalin to determine if the backup is correct when restoring it.
If one of the MD5 hashes does not match the hash made during the backup then Vimalin will report that the file has changed (but still continue the restore)

In the solution I'm suggesting above we're only going to look at virtual disk and configuration of the VM.
So at most there would be one backup of the broken VM. Note that the broken VM might still have additional data that you might want to recover,  so I think it still makes sense to have a backup you can fall back on.
I made a note however that to test that it should never make more than one backup for this particular scenario.

FWIW, I have also opened a ticket for the consistency check (the a disk slice is missing issue) to see what can be done and investigate what the best course of action would be.


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