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Failed to create backup - Rob - 2021-05-21

Hi I'm just trying out Vimalin, and the manual backup is failing.

The log contains this

2021-05-21 10:55:59.894 Backup file: C:\bld\vm\mojave-000005.vmdk
2021-05-21 10:56:00.185 Error: md5sum CertUtil: -hashfile command FAILED: 0x80070020 (WIN32: 32 ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION)
CertUtil: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

2021-05-21 10:56:00.185 md5 hash
2021-05-21 11:09:42.001 Copied 83.8 GB in 13 min. Calculated MD5 hash in 0 s
2021-05-21 11:09:42.016 Error: copied file is not the correct size.
2021-05-21 11:09:42.016 Source file size is 90046595072 and target file size is 90046660608 bytes.
2021-05-21 11:09:42.016 Target disk free space check: free space OK. Disk = 1398328MB free, File to copy = 85875MB, copied 85875MB.
2021-05-21 11:09:42.016 Job for C:\bld\vm\mojave.vmx Could not copy all files.

Would you like me to send a bundle?


Failed to create backup - wila - 2021-05-21

Sure, I can take a look at the logs.


Failed to create backup - Rob - 2021-05-21

ok I posted it


Failed to create backup - wila - 2021-05-22

For anyone reading this and having similar issues.

The problem has been resolved.

Somehow the VMware automation interface (VIX/vmrun) used by Vimalin wasn't functioning properly when invoked from Vimalin, but worked OK when called directly.
As such Vimalin was not able to detect that the VM was running.
A possible reason for that might be that a different user account was used during install than the account under which the user runs.

Rob has re-installed Vimalin using the same account as what he runs under and then it started to work as intended.