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Foreground - Ande - 2021-01-10

I downloaded the Vimarun and basically it seems to work just ok but I had no success to configure it to open my vm to foreground at startup. So no matter if I choose bg or fg from settings.
Worksation version 16 with newest updates.

Foreground - wila - 2021-01-10

Hi Ande,

Thanks for using Vimarun.
If foreground settings have been selected for your VM and you reboot then it should start the VM in the foreground.

Can you please email me a support bundle so that I can see if we can figure out why it doesn't work on your end?
You can create a support bundle from the Help menu, "create support bundle" option.
Then email that to


Foreground - Ande - 2021-01-10

Thanks for your prompt reply, email has been sent.